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Gorad Goch Framed Print (Limited Edition)


"This house is without a doubt the most intriguing Welsh coastal property I've ever seen. Ynys Gorad Goch which means Red Weir Island, is a private island situated in the middle of the Menai Strait, between the Menai Suspension Bridge and the Britannia Bridge in a body of water known as the Swellies. A fisherman's or a naturalists paradise! As far back as I can remember I've imagined how exciting life must be to live here, to board a boat on a daily basis to get to and from the little island throughout the year, hearing the flowing tide so close, the connection to nature must feel immense". - Beth


If you would prefer a limited edition canvas print, click here to navigate to the correct page.

Product Dimensions

Small Framed Print
Image 170 x 170mm
Including frame 360 x 360mm

Medium Framed Print
Image 380 x 380mm
Including frame 660 x 660mm

Large Framed Print
Image 750 x 750mm
Including frame 980 x 980mm

Product Details

- All prices inclusive of VAT
- All artwork is digitally hand signed by Beth Horrocks
- No assembly required
- Image professionally printed and framed
- Printed onto Museum Heritage 310gsm fine art paper
- High-quality giclée prints
- Small and Medium Frames will be glazed with traditional picture glass
- *Size "Large" Frames will be framed using Plexi Glass; a crystal clear, shatter proof acrylic (looks no different to glass)
- Regular picture glazing is available for Large Frames but for collection only (please notify at the checkout page)*