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Golau Oer Ar Y Goleudy Canvas Print (Limited Edition)


“A cold blustery winter’s walk to Llanddwyn island with my husband and three young children wrapped up in all their colourful outdoor gear, the promise of a well deserved hot chocolate afterwards . . .The cold light shone onto the lonely lighthouse, pinky purple hues of an unsettled sky above and yellow lichen infused rocks. A stormy yet exhilarating walk, heaven on earth in any weather.” - Beth


It is said that Llanddwyn island is where the Welsh patron saint of love, Santes Dwynwen, lived out her years after her father refused her marriage proposal from the one she loved. As the fable goes, she built a church on the island, the remains of which can still be seen today. Nearby is also Dwynwen's well, where, allegedly, the movements of a sacred fish predict couples’ futures.


Golau Oer Ar Y Goleudy gives a taste of the magic and mystery of this fascinating place and is available printed on canvas in three sizes, which are all printed to order and digitally hand-signed.There is also the option to have your canvas professionally framed.


The XL AP otherwise known as the Artist Print, is unique as it's the only size which is produced using 7 inks as opposed to the standard 4, and is UV cured for extreme durability. Beth only ever produces one edition at this size, therefore there would only be one in the world. 


If you would like to purchase Golau Oer Ar Y Goleudy as a framed print then you can do so by heading to this page

Product Dimensions

Medium Canvas - 610 x 610mm
Medium Canvas (Box framed) - 690x690mm
Large Canvas - 914 x 914mm
Large (Box framed) - 1024 x 1024mm
XL AP Canvas (Box framed) - 1299 x 1299mm

The size AP (Artist Print) is the original piece of artwork and so is one of a kind. It is printed as the first print of a design, with Beth deciding on any amends after this point.
Each AP print is unique and will never be printed in the same way again. A highly sophisticated method of premium grade printing is used for this size, which involves curing with UV light,
in addition to seven colours being used over the standard four, to give supremely durable quality.
Product Details

- All prices inclusive of VAT
- All artwork is digitally hand signed by Beth Horrocks
- Canvas arrives pre-stretched on canvas frame
- Canvas frame constructed from solid pine
- High quality giclée printed onto 100% cotton
- Each canvas prepared with a bright white acid free coating
- XL prints cured onto 100% cotton using UV light, 7 colours and extremely durable ink that doesn’t require lamination