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Snow Moon Framed Print (Limited Edition)

"Inspired by February's Snow Moon, when the moon is at its closest in its elliptic orbit to earth, the moon appears larger and beautifully pink. I saw many photos of the pink moon and just felt a real urge to draw it. Thank you Amber Burton for the permission to draw from your fantastic photo. - Beth


These limited edition framed prints are available in three sizes; small, medium and large. Snow Moon is printed and framed at the point of order, the dimensions and details of which can be found on this page.


If you would like to purchase Snow Moon as a Limited Edition canvas, rather than a framed print click here.

Product Dimensions

Small Framed Print
Image 170 x 170mm
Including frame 360 x 360mm

Medium Framed Print
Image 380 x 380mm
Including frame 660 x 660mm

Large Framed Print
Image 750 x 750mm
Including frame 980 x 980mm

Product Details

- All prices inclusive of VAT
- All artwork is digitally hand signed by Beth Horrocks
- No assembly required
- Image professionally printed and framed
- Printed onto Museum Heritage 310gsm fine art paper
- High-quality giclée prints
- Small and Medium Frames will be glazed with traditional picture glass
- *Size "Large" Frames will be framed using Plexi Glass; a crystal clear, shatter proof acrylic (looks no different to glass)
- Regular picture glazing is available for Large Frames but for collection only (please notify at the checkout page)*