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The Wales Contemporary / Cymru Gyfoes 2020 Exhibition

The Wales Contemporary / Cymru Gyfoes 2020 Exhibition
I am thrilled to have been shortlisted for The Wales Contemporary 2020 Exhibition, an international competition which has seen the submission in excess of 1100 artworks from across the world. I feel privileged to have been chosen by such a prestigious panel of judges; artist Basil Beattie RA, painter Gerda Roper and sculptor Sebastian Boyesen.

A little bit about my piece at the Wales Contemporary 2020 Exhibition 

I have many fond memories of helping out on the safety boat as a teen in the waters of Beaumaris and working in the grand coffee shop at the Bulkeley Hotel, where I served coffee and cake on the seafront terrace. From here customers could command a view of the water and the pier from under the ivy-strewn stone walls of the hotel.


My semi-abstract piece Beaumaris Regatta, belongs, I believe, beyond the mind’s eye and more along the lines of emotional expression. The elements of this day are imbued in my mind; heavenly sunbeams shining down through ominous dark clouds, punctuated by flashes of colour brought by powerful wind filled sails. This recollection certainly influenced my choice of brushes.


The Beaumaris Regatta brings an excitement and real buzz to this unique seaside town, which I have tried to convey in this piece. I hope it serves as a celebration of Wales’ outstanding natural beauty, with its stunning coastline and magnificent mountain range. It is the perfect outdoor playground! 


About the Wales Contemporary 2020 Exhibition

Now in its second year, The Wales Contemporary / Cymru Gyfoes Exhibition is led by David Randall, its’ curator and director, who has established a strong reputation for championing art about Wales and from Wales. Developed by the Waterfront Gallery in association with the Welsh Government the Wales Contemporary Exhibition celebrates all aspects of the country by inviting artists to submit work that is ‘inspired by Wales’. This could be its ancient history, its art history, its heritage, its landscapes whether rural, urban or political and its contemporary culture.


- Meinir Mathias Cerrig Cochion/Red Stones

This year, 2020, I travelled from my home in North Wales to Pembrokeshire to attend the opening day of the exhibition. I had the pleasure of seeing the wide range of contemporary art on display in person, in addition to spending some time on the beautiful Pembrokeshire coast; of course!


When to catch the Wales Contemporary 2020 Exhibition

A large format AP of my piece, Beaumaris Regatta, is available to see at the Wales Contemporary / Cymru Gyfoes 2020 Exhibition at the Waterfront Gallery, Milford Haven, from Thursday 12 November to Wednesday 30th December 2020. This same piece will then be exhibited at the Gallery@OXO, London, from Thursday 25th February to Sunday 7 March 2021.


You can find out more information on the Waterfront Gallery website. A big thank you to the organisers of the event and to the Waterfront Gallery for putting on a wonderful exhibition. All in all, a great way to have spent my weekend!


Smaller prints of Beaumaris Regatta are available from my online shop, or you can request a larger size for commission here.


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